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I wasn’t keen on the idea of virtual organising and being on a zoom screen, but actually it worked really well. It’s been good – and fun. I always feel empowered by you. Now I’ve got a bit of a plan about my days generally and I feel really good about that area I cleared.” Anne, Newhaven.

Would you like an online, professional ally to help you make your home more home?

  • Are there parts of your home you need to re-calibrate for work from home or other household adjustments?
  • Do you want to find more easeful ways to do all you need to, given your current circumstances, at this current time?
  • Are there projects you’ve been meaning to ‘get around to’?
  • Would it help to focus on some things you can take control over and make life easier?

Home is absolutely central to our wellbeing. The more our homes reflect who we are and who we want to be, the happier we are. When we start to take a small bit of control over our homes, we feel better. Virtual organising can make that happen.

virtual organising with Room to Think:

benefits of virtual organsing:
  • virtual organising is a slightly different service to having a professional organiser come to work alongside you in your home – you get to decide what I see and when
  • you can book shorter, regular sessions instead of having to commit to a day or half day
  • you have autonomy: everything you do, you do with your own hands, at your pace
  • we can work together wherever you live
  • I am an experienced positive psychology coach. This means your wellbeing is central to our work together. You’ll experience exquisite listening, useful questions and you’ll see immediate results
how virtual organising works:
  • we book a session, or series of sessions, agreeing start and finish times
  • sessions vary from 2 to 6 hours
  • we meet on Zoom (or another platform if you prefer)
  • we talk about what you’d like to happen in your home
  • I coach you through the process of making that happen
  • we find our rhythm of doing this – one that works for you. Some clients re-organise during our session, either leaving our zoom room for an agreed amount of time or taking me with them so we can continue talking as they organise. Other clients do it straight afterwards
how much does it cost?
more questions or interested in trialling a session?
  • call me on 07957 425435 for a no commitment necessary free chat
  • or complete the contact form


Thank you for helping me break down what felt like a gargantuan task into bite size pieces” Anon, London

I didn’t think this would work as well as it does when you come, but it really does! It was good to see you. I feel a bit more on top of all this now – looking forward to next week”. Janet, London

“Caroline was the enzyme who helped me make difficult changes happen, where I had been ‘stuck’ for years. I felt she understood and appreciated me, the family and where we had come from.”

– J, london

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