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stella, berkshire

This is what you did for me in our coaching:
– Provided a supportive and guided space to explore deeper thinking.
– Enabled me to observe my tendencies and habitual ways of thinking/feeling.
– Helped me gaining insights and give myself permission to move beyond what holds me back.

Our coaching sessions have set me on a great trajectory to achieve my ambitions. Though I feel in an ideal world one could benefit from constant regular coaching. What a wonderful luxury that would be!

In reality I wouldn’t change a thing. And recognise and appreciate how the coaching has rolled with the various personal situations that have arisen, providing complete flexibility. Ultimately it’s brought me to ‘a point’ where I’m now taking action.

dp, manager of creative organisation, london

– I think an immediate rapport with you was great – really helped to just feel at ease and able to be open about where I am etc.
– You have a good way at drawing me out and challenging me to not default to my usual comfort zone, and instead to dig deeper.
– Some of the tools you presented were really effective and helped me to find ways to move forward outside of the sessions – eg the idea of putting a reminder on my phone to challenge any negative thoughts or thought patterns on a daily basis

– I feel I have gained a greater degree of confidence in my decision-making and don’t doubt myself as much as before which is something that has really been a challenge for me in the past.
– I certainly felt empowered by the end of the 3 sessions to initiate change in some of my more negative behaviours – ie taming my inner critic!
– I think it’s hard in 3 sessions to make long-term changes but I felt I delved deeper into some of the issues / challenges that I face than I have done previously and gained a greater insight into myself, which is really positive.
– As I said previously I think the whole process has been rewarding and challenging in equal measure – I’ve gained greater insight into myself, learned some techniques to change ingrained behaviours and feel more confident about myself in terms of my leadership.

eo, uganda

You created and provided a valuable open space for me to express my thoughts. You challenged me (or had myself challenge myself) beyond my first layer of thoughts or reactions.

Your questions helped guide me to go deeper into the questions and answers that I provided. This process provided clarity and discovery of thoughts from new angles which lead to me looking at them from a new perspective and empowerment.

I will take something from our sessions with me and am confident that I will use what we have done in my life in the future.

dp, ceo, manager of a coaching client

You provided a positive environment for change, allowing (X) to find her own solutions and pathway.

(X) appears to be more confident overall and is standing up for her own needs
She seems to be more forthcoming in SMT and more challenging of her peers to step up into their roles.

She is asking for help!

I am very glad we took up this up. I can see a change in (X) and her desire to carry on working with you is a good indication to me that she will become an even stronger leader. Thank you.

marian, s.e. london

I came hoping to learn about analytical tools that I could apply to support myself in a new venture. Caroline showed me that there was much more to coaching than this, and that I could practice a much more holistic approach towards myself as I embrace a new field.

(you provided)..

Good listening and reflecting back
Validating and encouraging me
Kindness and caring
Identifying to me changes in my body-language that were reflecting deep feelings about different scenarios as I described them
Identifying and providing appropriate tools for me to use to analyse options
Clarifying for me differences in applying mentoring, coaching and counselling techniques

ft, psychotherapist, london

You listened very carefully and selected and picked up carefully on the things I was most enthusiastic about. You were reassuring, professional, friendly and calm and authentic. I particularly appreciated how carefully you listened out for things that felt most important to me and drew my attention to them and my enthusiasm for them. You selected these well and were well organised and clear and did not talk too much. I could tell you were really enthusiastic about this work together and focused on helping me get to a point where I felt calm, safe, well-resourced and confident about my next steps.

Did I achieve the goals/results I was looking for from our coaching engagement?

I did. I was able to remain calm and think through a difficult interview and the disappointment I felt when I didn’t get the job. You helped get back to thinking I could do it, I had a lot of internal resources to face the challenge and I faced a subsequent interview with the tools I gained and was reminded of from our session and was successful in getting the job!

leslie, retired, hackney

(You) created an environment for thought, reflection and time to consider options to issues. Developed an exchange that enabled me to focus on the important, current issues that I need to address. Listening skills to offer time to think and talk through issues but also to know when to intervene to construct important scaffolding for analysis.

Activities such as the cards that supported reflection and allowed for unexpected issues to arise.

Found the sessions so supportive, interesting and very exciting. This introduced me to a new way of working that I think is very powerful.

majida, germany

You gave me the feeling that I can trust you and that helped me a lot to be brave and go forward.

During my journey through my pictures, questions, ideas and discoveries, my laughter and tears, you always were with me. I felt held and loved. Thank you for the tissues 😉

You are very sensitive and gracious. And you always found at the right point the best input to lead me to the next step. You are a gift for me and all those who are looking for answers in their life.

Everything was perfect for me. You did a great job.
I found more answers than I was looking for and yes, I reached all goals
I learned a lot about myself and discovered pictures and feelings I had forgotten. Now they are conscious and nourish me.

“Gifts and strengths brought by CR: A big and shining heart, Active listening, No judgement, Empathy, Clear mirror, Creative inputs”

– m, germany


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