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ten-minute jobs

on ten-minute jobs

I’m a massive fan of the ten-minute job. These are small, achievable tasks we can finish in a short period of time. Completing just one of them has immediate, visible results. When there’s a lot to organise and we don’t know where to start, a ten-minute job can be a great entry or warm-up. Read on to find out more or scroll to the bottom for some generic, room specific ten-minute job ideas.
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Kristin Neff talking on self-compassion at Action for Happiness

on self-compassion

What relevance does self-compassion have to organising and decluttering our homes? The more I do this work, the more I want to give the self-compassion gift to my clients, my friends – and me. When an aeroplane crashes, there’s a reason we’re asked to put the mask on ourselves first
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on positive psychology

There’re plenty of reasons I’m doing a masters in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology. They’re all connected with happiness and most of them relate to my work as a professional organiser.
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on marie kondo

It’s some time since I, together with a number of APDO buddies, had the privilege of being members of an audience hosted by a women’s magazine I’d never buy. This was an audience with the world-renowned Japanese declutterer, Marie Kondo. I still talk about that evening. It makes me smile, so I thought I’d share...
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