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home environment, stress and wellbeing study: dr francis quinn, happening now

Want to be part of extending knowledge about home, clutter, stress and wellbeing?

Got ten minutes?

Do consider taking part in this study run by one of our lovely clutter research group members, Dr Francis Quinn, pictured here.

I was so thrilled to discover that Francis is doing this study that I parked my “I’m not a real researcher” imposter syndrome and phoned him. Unsurprisingly (as usually happens when we park our imposter syndrome) I was met with equal warmth and interest.

Francis’s study and mine have a lot in common, we even use some of the same surveys. This means that once he’s analysed the data he’s currently collecting it’s going to be interesting to compare results. And that comparison will further knowledge even more about clutter and wellbeing. When we talked, we wondered whether the pandemic dictating that people spend more time at home will have any influence.. time will tell.

Like the research I carried out in 2019 (and thank you again if you took part!), Francis’s is an on-line survey, completely anonymised. The more people who participate, the more he’ll be able to glean from the data provided.

Dr Francis Quinn clutter researcher

I asked Francis what had led him to study clutter and wellbeing. He told me he’d read the Marie Kondo book, decluttered his home and felt the benefit (although, if I remember correctly he mentioned at our last clutter research group zoom that things had gone a little downhill since).

However, it wasn’t so much his own experience of investing in his home, it was reading Marie Kondo make the claim that ‘tidying up’ would make us happier:

“Well, there’s an empirical question”, he thought….

“You are born to this work, you do it skilfully and with sensitivity, warmth and levity. I am grateful for your time yesterday, it has been a catalyst for my moving forward in my creativity and in my career.”

– d, s london


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