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what kind of clutter research is included here?

I’ve deliberately chosen to focus these research pages on the topics of clutter, decluttering, possessions and home. I’ve chosen not to include research on the topic of coaching and positive psychology.

It’s not that the coaching and positive psychology literature isn’t interesting – it is. However, I want to create emphasis here on the importance of clutter as a research topic. In conducting my own research into the relationship between clutter and wellbeing I’ve trawled through hundreds of academic journals, often thinking how interested my professional organising clients would be in what I’ve been reading. I’ve picked a few papers here that resonated strongly or felt useful. I hope you enjoy them.

And if you’d prefer to steer away from the academic stuff, the books in this image here all come with my recommendation.

Books on clutter and organising

All the clutter research I share with a pdf link is open access

Academic research in the topic of clutter (as opposed to clinical hoarding and saving behaviours) is rare, particularly in the UK. As with all research it can be misconstrued and clunkily interpreted in the popular press – this is an opportunity to look at the papers themselves and interpret them yourself.

I’m delighted to report that I’ve discovered a few other UK clutter researchers; academics from disciplines like geography, sociology and economics, as well as psychology are beginning to take (strongly needed) interested in clutter as a topic.

I’m proud to say these researchers and I have now formed a UK clutter research group. We meet quarterly, report in on research developments and share findings. We began as a group of two – now we’re six! One member is currently conducting research in which you could participate. I will share their completed research articles – and my own – once publishing permissions permit.

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