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on crying

I like crying. I find it useful, inevitable, cathartic. Someone close to me was in hospital recently. I spent a lot of time trying not to cry – I didn’t want to worry her. But it had to come. I went to choir practice. As we rehearsed a gentle, loving song I found myself doing that coming from right deep inside snot crying on a choir buddy’s shoulder. It was a turning point. The next day it felt like something had shifted and I coped O so much better with hospitalised loved one. My choir buddy had let me know it was unsurprising I was so distressed – anyone would have been. I felt optimistic again; less overwrought, normal.

“I’d always thought about hiring someone to help me with clutter and clearing but thought of it as an extravagance and something I ‘should’ be able to do on my own. I was about to move into a small space with my partner and knew action was needed, so after investigating declutterers on line I decided to ask Caroline for help. It was a great experience.”

– claudia, london


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