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What would you like to have happen in your coaching?

  • What would it be like to be provided with space and time to think?
  • How would it be to focus on your ideas, your dreams and discover ways to realise them?
  • Imagine being genuinely listened to while you work out where you’re going next and how you’ll get there
  • Let’s get together for some coaching to discover your strengths and find your solutions

Coaching is a specific form of dialogue where you make sense of your thinking, grab your insights and use them meaningfully. It can be a little daunting to talk about our dreams and desires – be assured this is a confidential, present space where judgement is left outside. You bring the content, I bring curious questions, gentle challenging and exquisite listening. I am trained to listen and ask in a way that keeps the focus on you – not me. Have a look at the coaching testimonials to see how others have benefitted from it.

together we can:

  • Work out what specifically it is you want to achieve
  • Focus on your wellbeing as you discover ways to achieve it
  • Take time together as you pause, reflect, think out loud (or in your head!) and work out what you’ll do next

Remember: Coaching is not about getting fixed or being given advice. It’s a collaborative process where we meet as equals. I’ll be your objective, non-judgemental ally who’ll help you investigate your thoughts and discover your own solutions. It may feel like you have no idea where to start with all of this. What you’ll find out is that the ideas are there; we all just need some structured room to think so we can unearth them.

Credentials – Caroline Rogers, positive psychology coach
I’ve an honours degree in psychology and a distinction MSc in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology. I’m a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and a member of the BPS special group in coaching psychology. I receive coaching supervision.

Qualifications aside, I’m in my 50s and my most used character strengths are fairness, love, kindness, social intelligence and teamwork. People find me instantly trustworthy, easy to talk to, attentive and non-judgemental. I’m a strong believer in choice and infinitely curious about other people. I take the science of both positive and coaching psychology seriously, apply them in my practice and make it my business to be always learning. I exercise regularly and love laughing.

Coaching what would you like to happen

“You followed what was “alive” in me and in the process, and I always felt like you were enabling rather than directing, which led to the type of coaching sessions I needed”

– e, france


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