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How easy is it to find clothes to wear in the morning to look fabulous?

  • Do you have clothes you never wear or come across something you’ve forgotten you have?
  • Is your wardrobe mostly on the floor and crammed into drawers?
  • Can you find what you want in one minute?
  • Do you have ‘shoulds’ about your clothes and shoes; what suits you, what’s acceptable, what’s necessary?
  • You’re not alone. In my experience some, or all, of the above is very common.

You deserve to have clothes that look good and look good on you. You can talk to me openly and in confidence about your clothes and your relationship with them. I’ll probably share a few of my own stories.

together we can:

  • Look at everything and you decide what to keep, what to store and, if anything, what to let go
  • Discuss how your clothes can be stored in a way that suits your lifestyle and living arrangements
  • Arrange, sort and organise everything so it’s left in a pleasing and accessible way (more like a designer shop than a charity shop)

Remember: I won’t dictate what, if anything, you get rid of, I won’t be checking out your collection for anything that might suit me and we will find the right place for you to take any items you no longer need.

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“Caroline was the enzyme who helped me make difficult changes happen, where I had been ‘stuck’ for years. I felt she understood and appreciated me, the family and where we had come from.”

– J, london

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