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If you’re living with ADHD could coaching help you?

  • Are you struggling with attention, distractions, memory, organisation, impulsivity …?
  • Does everything feel like ‘a bit of a mess’ and incomplete?
  • Are you fed up with ‘one size fits all solutions’ that don’t work for you?
  • Could you win an olympic gold in procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm, losing and forgetting things?
  • Are you living with areroretini? (Māori word meaning “attention goes to many things”)
  • Could you benefit from working with someone who will ‘see‘ you?

You deserve time to be listened to and heard. You deserve space to bring to light your own best (or least worst) ways to plan, initiate, focus, know yourself even better and more. Come and have some coaching.

together we can:

  • Determine what has to happen to make your life more easeful
  • Make good use of your strengths rather than your weaknesses
  • Discover solutions and strategies that work for you
  • Body double (I can sit with you) while you complete an Access to Work* application – or do other tasks that might feel daunting

Remember: I’m not going to assume anything about you and your ADHD, including which strategies could help you. We’ll work together and identify what works best for you.

Credentials – Caroline Rogers, positive psychology, ADHD friendly coach
I’m trained and experienced in working with people living with ADHD – diagnosed or not – and am conversant with the (often challenging) diagnosis journey.

My coaching training began with an MSc in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology (distinction). I regularly attend CPD and practise groups as a member of the the British Psychological Society and the BPS Division of Coaching Psychology. I work under (brilliant!) supervision and regularly consult with other coaches and MSc Alumni to share learning and ideas. Unsurprisingly, ADHD and other neurodiversities come up a lot in these forums.

Personally, most people experience me as friendly and easy to confide in. I’m gently curious and accepting whilst delicately challenging and fun. I live with PTSD and, perhaps like you, work hard at finding ways of being and celebrating myself.

* Access to Work is a non means tested government fund. If you have ADHD and are working (self-employed or employed 16+ hours a week), the fund can provide equipment and support to help you flourish at work. This can include software, noise cancelling headphones and coaching – and you can choose your coach (budget providing).

ADHD - DIFFERENT not Defective

“Everything about you is a gift! The sessions literally gave me room to think.
Our sessions made the work happen naturally .. and by the last session I was able to recognise what I needed to work on and had tools to do it. “

– elise, NW London


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