Can you envisage a healthy work-life balance as well as the ability to find your birth certificate in under 10 seconds?

  • Do you wish the whole world would stop for a while so you could catch up and get your life sorted?
  • Is your home or workspace full of unrealised projects and unfiled papers?
  • Do you ‘forget’ birthday cards and dread Christmas?
  • Do you have enough time to do the things you want to be doing as opposed to those you ‘should’?

At the end of a working day - paid or unpaid - there may be little time for anything else. Being more organised can create leisure time for you.

Together we can:

  • Look at your timetable and find ways to balance work and life
  • Tackle those piles of paper together, weed out what you don’t need to keep and organise what you do
  • Leave you with functioning systems that look good and work well; stuff won’t pile up literally or mentally in the future.

Remember: It’s worth taking time to save some time in the future. I won’t be making any judgements about how you run your life, but will help you to manage time better by being more organised.

Time and Paperwork

"Caroline was the enzyme who helped me make difficult changes happen, where I had been 'stuck' for years. I felt she understood and appreciated me, the family and where we had come from. "

- J, London

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