Could you imagine looking forward to an audit or VAT inspection?

  • If HMRC called you right now what would be the worst thing they could ask you?
  • Do you put off your tax return to the last minute?
  • Are you comfortable about your financial record keeping?
  • Can you lay your hands immediately on receipts for everything you’ve purchased in the last few years?
  • Would you like to know your financial status at the touch of a button?
  • I’ve met many phenomenal people over the years who flounder at finances. With the right system and records it can be a breeze.

Whether it’s just you or a massive enterprise, financial record keeping can become a quagmire. I have masses of bookkeeping experience, think in spreadsheets and have a number of templates that can be tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Together we can:

  • Talk about the records you need to keep
  • Set up systems that work easily and smoothly for you
  • Go through your records together and balance your bank account
  • Leave you with complete autonomy and confidence in your financial systems, freeing you to devote more energy to your work and home life.

Remember: The work I do with you is confidential – I won’t be sharing the detail of your income or business systems with anyone else.


"Room to Think gives you what is says on the tin and SO much more. Working with Caroline Rogers was a lifesaver for me. Caroline takes the weight off your shoulders, helps you break it down and understand it, and then equips you with the ability to go forward whilst managing it better. "

- Dr Erin, The Loss Foundation

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