Would you like to be in touch with the things you want without the distraction of the things you don't?

  • Are you paralysed by the thought of what’s in the cellar, spare room, loft, stationery cupboard?
  • Have you given up hope of ever uncovering a particular treasure you haven’t seen in years?
  • Are there rooms or parts of your space you wouldn’t want your friends or visitors to see?
  • Were you more organised before life got in the way?
  • Do you sometimes buy something you know you already have because you can’t find it?
  • Let’s brave it together. Let’s open those drawers, cupboards and boxes, see what you find and put it where you want it.

Everyone is entitled to room to think in their own home or work space. I offer sensible, useful help in reorganising your space so you have easy access to what you need. I’ll help you let go of what you no longer need in the right way for you.

Together we can:

  • Discuss how you use your space; what’s working and what would improve it
  • Work out what tasks are most important to you and tackle them together
  • Re-organise everything so it not only looks good but you know where everything is kept
  • Discuss and decide what, if anything, to dispose of and how
  • Create a space where you have made the room you really want

Remember: I won’t be making any judgements on how you live or work. I’ll make practical suggestions about how to organise your possessions so you can find what you need and feel welcome and free in your space.


"Room to Think gives you what is says on the tin and SO much more. Working with Caroline Rogers was a lifesaver for me. Caroline takes the weight off your shoulders, helps you break it down and understand it, and then equips you with the ability to go forward whilst managing it better. "

- Dr Erin, The Loss Foundation

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