Would you like practical help after the death or departure from someone close?

  • Are you about to go through the difficult process of sorting through a loved one’s possessions after their death or move to a home?
  • Do you have to reorganise your living space because children or a partner are leaving?
  • Is there a pile of paperwork or collections of ‘treasures’ to sort through?
  • It's so much harder to do this alone, let me come and help you.

There’s no right method and no right timeframe to deal with possessions left by a loved one, or to re-adjust to an ending. I can work beside you as you sift through everything and help you make decisions about what to do with it all.

Together we can:

  • Agree the best way to approach this task so that you feel comfortable while we do it
  • Work at a pace that suits you – whether that’s doing it all at once, or a small bit every week or month
  • Make decisions that work for you on what to with your loved one’s possessions
  • If you want to donate items to charity/friends and family I’ll help both with the logistics and research.

Remember: I am not a bereavement/loss counsellor but will be sensitive to your situation. I’ll feel privileged to hear memories and stories in confidence as we work through this together.


"Caroline was the enzyme who helped me make difficult changes happen, where I had been 'stuck' for years. I felt she understood and appreciated me, the family and where we had come from. "

- J, London

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