What locations do you work in?

I’m based in East London and happy to go anywhere I can by bike or public transport.

 Are you insured?

Yes – with Westminster Indemnity – a copy of my schedule is available on request.

 Are you qualified?

Although there isn't a formal qualification in decluttering and organsing, I've atteneded various training courses, conferences and meetings at The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO), as well as a number of training courses in coaching, NLP and happiness. I am an accredited member of APDO and a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society.  I comply with the ethics of both organisations. I'm currently studying (part-time) for an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London.

For more information about what skills and experience I bring to this work take a look at about me.

 Are you going to make me get rid of things?

Absolutely not.

We’ll look at everything together and decide what, if anything, you no longer need.  We’ll also look at how to organise everything you keep so you can find things easily.

 What happens to anything I decide not to keep?

The choice is yours – we’ll work together to find the right places for you to take/donate your things within your timescale.

I'm very happy to drop off a pannier or two of items at a charity shop ony my way home if that suits you.

 Have you ever seen anyone as chaotic as me?

All I can say is “trust me”: my clients say I’m un-shockable and I don’t judge. My role is to guide you from chaos to order. One of the reasons this works is that I don’t bring any emotional ties or history connected with your home or office and I’m good at problem solving ideas. It’s not easy to allow someone into to a space you feel is private. My belief is that we all deserve a bit of space – that includes you.

 How much do you charge?

I’m good at what I do and charge accordingly. Fees are £230 for a half day, £390 for a full day.  There are no additional charges for contact between sessions, research on your behalf, dropping off a bag of items at a charity shop, etc.

Arrangements can be made for shorter sessions and sessions on skype or the phone.

Please contact me separately about fees for 1:1 coaching. 

I pay tax and National Insurance on everything I earn, even if you pay me in cash. I'm not VAT registered.

I allocate one day a month to deliver pro-bono work for community projects or people on a very low income.

 is there a cheaper way to do this?

Yes, there are ways.

I work with people on skype and the phone. We can also arrange to have a coaching session in your home where we talk through strategies, tips and tricks so that you can do the work alone. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss this.

 How long will I need?

Difficult one – it depends on what you want to achieve and how easy it’s going to be for you to make the necessary decisions involved in the task. Your pace and how much you continue between our sessions will dictate how much gets done. The only guarantee is that it will be far quicker than doing it alone without organisational support and another pair of hands.

 Can I phone or email you between sessions?

If it’s something you need or want to say before I see you next that’s fine.

I always arrange a follow up call with you after our session, even if we only work together one time.

If I’m not able to take your call, I will text as soon as possible. I do not read emails or take calls at the weekend.

 do you work weekends or evenings?

I don’t work at weekends or in the evenings, but if it’s absolutely necessary I will. The rate charged will be higher.

 Do I have to be there when you come?


My role is to work with you, alongside you and to be your ally in achieving what you want. The work is always collaborative and we do it together.

 Do the people I live/work with have to be there?

The people you share your space with don’t need to be present unless they are employing me too. My work with you may involve discussing strategies for negotiating with or involving others in achieving your particular goal.

 Will I get homework?

Yes, if you’d like it. If we’re working together over a period of time then it’s something we’ll discuss at the outset and revisit during the process. It’s all about setting achievable targets and breaking the large task into manageable ones within your lifestyle and timescale.

 What if I have to cancel our session?

I work on the basis that we both prioritise sticking to scheduled times and dates. If it’s necessary to cancel we'll aim to re-schedule. If you have to cancel outright with less than two working days notice we'll discuss a cancellation fee that values us both.

 Are you a therapist?

No. I’m not a therapist, but the work does have a therapeutic effect in that you get to feel better.

You’re paying me to be your objective, helpful friend and ally; one who thinks and works in an organised, systematic way at the same time as being sensitive to your circumstances.

 I don’t need you, but what if I think my friend does?

By all means introduce me to your friend via my website and show them some testimonials, which may reassure them.  Or, with their permission, make contact with me – an initial discussion or meeting (if it’s logistically possible for us) is free and doesn’t commit you or your friend to employing me.  It's useful for potential clients to get a feeling about whether or not I am the right organiser for them, even if they're being given their session as a gift.

 What records will you keep about me?

I'm registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Data Protection).  

I keep your contact details on record and your address in my phone contacts so I can find you the first time. For my own good practice, my husband is able to view my calendar and find out where I am.

I will keep a record of our email correspondence if we have one.

 What about photos?

If it feels appropriate I may ask if I can take a photograph to benchmark our progress or celebrate what we have achieved. I don't use photographs of your home or office publically without your permission.

 Will you tell other people about me?

No. It is up to you to tell others that we’re working together - if you’d like to. I don’t discuss you or the work we’re doing together with other people beyond statements like ‘I had a client who used that re-cycling facility/recommended that novel’. If, with your permission, I share testimonials, stories or photos, your anonymity is always preserved.

 What’s the best way for me to prepare for you?

Just do what feels right for you. If you want to present me with a list or a tidier than usual kitchen when I arrive that’s great. If you don’t that’s great too – we can work through the list together and tackle the kitchen if it’s on the list.

 Are you freakishly organised in your own home?

My husband gets asked this all the time...

Our family home is a normal home.  You don’t have to take your shoes off, and it’s possible there’ll be some out of date produce in our kitchen or medicine cabinet. For the most part we can all find what we need when we need it and we all take whatever’s on the staircase up or down to its home as we pass.  Yes, husband usually responds with a wry comment about how we fold our towels (!) and our books are categorised and shelved alphabetically, but it's a welcoming and comfortable home to live and breathe in.

 What if I’m not happy with what you do?

Trust me and tell me. I work in a way that ought to make it easy for you to do so. Every client is exciting and interesting and every experience is a learning one for me too. If part of the service wasn’t working for you, you’d be giving me a present if you told me – I'd want to find a way to make it better.

 What if I have a question you haven’t answered here?

Email me – I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can

"Room to Think gives you what is says on the tin and SO much more. Working with Caroline Rogers was a lifesaver for me. Caroline takes the weight off your shoulders, helps you break it down and understand it, and then equips you with the ability to go forward whilst managing it better. "

- Dr Erin, The Loss Foundation

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