I've been helping others to create order from chaos all my life. Room to Think was born in 2013 when I asked myself ‘that’ question: “if I could choose to do anything, how would I want to spend my time when I wasn’t with my friends or family?”

It feels like everything I’ve done in my life to date – paid, unpaid, work, social and personal - has led to Room to Think. I’m a woman, a mum, a partner and a householder. Having studied both Psychology and Fine Art at degree level, I'm now a part time  MSc student in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

I have always had a pathological need to create order where chaos exists. I think in spreadsheets and categories and have a strong eye for the aesthetic. I have a friendly, easy-going manner and people say I am unshockable.  I believe in, and am living proof of, the capacity we all have to move forward.

I live in East London and love my local community. I ride a bike and walk a lot. I’m fit, healthy and practical.

I’ve spent time in the voluntary sector and the business sector and have been involved in all sorts of community projects; I’ve set up and managed an architect’s practice, fundraised for an International Women’s Charity, run training workshops in work related practises and group dynamics and organised conferences. I’ve worked behind a bar and in a factory. I’ve picked fruit, stuffed envelopes and even had a brief stint of selling advertising space. I’m part of a group who have set up and run a community choir, and have sat on various Trustee Boards. My favourite projects so far – apart from Room to Think – are being a mum and walking from Birmingham home to London along the Grand Union Canal.

I find it a total privilege to be invited into peoples’ confidences to carry out this kind of work.  This is the happiest time of my life – I’ve been fortunate to have a fair bit of therapeutic help in the past and am familiar with the feeling of being stuck or paralysed by even the thought of a task.  I’m constantly inspired and amazed by the people I am lucky enough to work with.

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About Me

"Room to Think gives you what is says on the tin and SO much more. Working with Caroline Rogers was a lifesaver for me. Caroline takes the weight off your shoulders, helps you break it down and understand it, and then equips you with the ability to go forward whilst managing it better. "

- Dr Erin, The Loss Foundation

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